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Posted on 01/07/2019
Steps to Take Before You Conduct a House Inspection
If you recently submitted an offer on a house and received a "Yes" from the seller, you likely will need to schedule a home inspection in the next few days or weeks. Ultimately, an inspection can make or break a house sale, so you'll want to plan for this evaluation accordingly. Fortunately, there are several steps that a homebuyer...
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Posted on 12/31/2018
Viewing a Home You're Interested in Buying? Here's What to Look Out For
Shopping for a home is an exciting time for any hopeful homeowner. After weeks of scouring listings looking for the perfect home in the ideal location for you and your family, it can seem like you’ve found the needle in the haystack. When it’s time to go visit that home, it’s easy to put on rose-colored lenses and overlook...
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Posted on 12/03/2018
What You Need To Know About Buying A Home As A Millennial With Student Debt
Are you a millennial under the presumption that because you carry student loan debt you aren’t eligible for home financing? If you are, you aren’t alone. According to a 2017 survey from the National Association of Realtors 80% of millennials don’t own a home. And a whopping 83 percent of those who don’t own a home say that student...
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Posted on 11/19/2018
How Can You Anticipate and Overcome Homebuying Hurdles?
The homebuying process may prove to be challenging, particularly for individuals who fail to anticipate potential problems. Lucky for you, we're here to help you identify and address homebuying hurdles before they escalate. Now, let's take a look at three tips to ensure you can seamlessly anticipate and overcome homebuying hurdles. 1. Learn About the Housing Market The real...
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Posted on 11/07/2018
First-Time Homebuyer Tips: Make a Strong Initial Offer
Ready to purchase a high-quality residence for the first time? Ultimately, a first-time homebuyer will want to do everything possible to learn about the real estate market. By doing so, this property buyer can improve his or her chances of submitting a strong offer on a dream house, thereby increasing the likelihood of a quick, easy home sale. Submitting...
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